Your Body Your Choice

Commitment, Consistency and Confidence


You must set a goal and commit to it. This means keeping the promise you make to yourself.



Results take time. It will not happen overnight in most cases, it is important to stick with it. Never give up, never surrender and never quit. Do not allow the body you have hinder you from getting the body you desire & deserve.



Be confident in your ability to work hard and to see results. Enjoy your journey! This is a lifestyle, not a pass time.

Fitness for future mothers

Private Session Only



This a safe routine for the expected mom. Our workout will include a warm up, core work, aerobic and strength training, cool down and relaxing stretch. 

Fitness Instructor

Private Session 



It’s time we Snatch Back your body, with toning, cardio, core and stretching. Lets have some fun in the process. 

Jogging in Park




IThis class is a great way to stay motivated with other moms. We will incorporate some dancing into our waist training and a whole lot of sweating. Hand weights may not always be practical, but we have our babies practically all the time. So, lets get the little ones involve in our fitness routine.